aquilaHealth® suite provides a comprehensive set of tools to bring clinicians and patients/consumers together to deliver care and ensure care continuity


Electronic Health Record (EHR) will help clinicians to manage their workflow more efficiently and effectively.The EHR application provides the following key features

  • Patient Summary Record View
  • Clinical Documentation
  • Clinical Collaboration
  • Share EHR record to Patients
  • Manage Patient Problem List and Care Plan

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Health Smart Services Platform

The services platform provides robust health data integration and API platform for rapid APP development

  • Real-time Pull and Push Integration
  • Asynchronous Data Integration
  • Unified APIs with support for both SOAP based web service and RESTful API with light-weight json format
  • OAuth Integration
  • HTML5 UI Widget Integration
  • Data Analysis

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Personal Health Record (PHR) provides set of tools to empower and enable patients/consumers to proactively manage their health state

  • Manage Patient entered data
  • Manage Consumer device generated data
  • Share patient generated data with Clinicians
  • Request access to Clinician authored EHR data

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